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PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, 2012 1:00 pm 
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There is a bit o debate over whether the Surrouded mission favors the defender, and before I use it in the tournament I like to know what people think of it.

I have played it once as defender and it wasn't especially easy.

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 04, 2012 5:30 pm 

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Played this for the first time on Wednesday in a club comp game 1500 point midwar. I had Grenadiers my opponent Finns. Niether of us had played this mission before but both have played a lot of FOW. He got to defend, it was a very brutal game ending up with a 4-3 win to me. From that one game so far I would say pretty balanced. I can post the bat rep if you like?


PostPosted: Sat Aug 04, 2012 6:57 pm 
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Cool if you have one a bat rep hat would be good to read.

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 05, 2012 4:25 pm 

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Batt rep as requested
Well last night's game was an epic encounter. We ended up playing Surrounded and
Adam won the dice off to defend not sure who that favoured.

I had 2 full gren platoons, a full Pioneer platoon with 3 flame throwers, 4
nebblewerfers, 2 7.5 IG, 3 Pak 36, 3 20mm AA and an Elephant. I Kampfegrupped a
couple of infantry stands to get 9 platoons.

Adam had 3 platoons of 7 stands, 2 KVs, 3 120mm mortars, 2 pak 40, and a close
assault platoon with the 2ic as well as sporadic air support.

One end of the table was cropped fields that provided concealment but were not
area terrain, the other had a village ruined church and a couple of woods. The
centre had a couple of hills.

I placed one objective at the end of the village giving me a covered approach
and the other diagonally opposite with a more open approach.

Adam deployed and infantry platoon covering each objective the other between the
two. His mortars took a hill and the KV's were nestled behind it. He kept the
paks in Immediate ambush.

I deployed my Nebs, AA, Elephant and the short (after kampfegruppe) platoon on
the open end. The other end was interesting I stuck the grunts and Pioneers at
the edge of the village. The infantry guns in the middle and the Pak 36 with the
kampfegruppe on the other flank defending a narrow covered strip.

Turn one: initial gambit
saw my infantry advance on both flanks and no real shooting as he was concealed
and GTG> I did manage to pin an infantry platoon with the IG's

Adam revealed his Paks covering the town, Air failed to arrive, The mortars
killed some advancing grunts in the open near the town. The KV ran away from the
elephant toward my Pak 36's. My infantry at the open end got pinned

Turn two: Closing to contact
The infantry continued through the town. The pinned infantry stayed pinned my
barrages did nothing, The pak 36's killed a 120mm mortar if this was te only
thing they did all game I was going to be happy as it took him down to a 2 tube
battery which I think only killed on more team for the rest of the game.

Adam: air failed to arrive the KV's advanced on the Pak 36 flank and failed to
kill anything. He failed to unpin his infantry shotting generated pins on my
infantry in the town.

Turn three: Contact
The infantry in the open end unpinned and went to ground (I should have dug them
in) The artillery di nothing as did the elephant, it was working its way over
toward the Paks. The infantry in the town set up to assault the Adams town
objective defenders. I failed to get enough hits to pin but killed two with the
flame thrower which got me the pin. The engineers assaulted which killed a few,
Adam counter attacked and drove them back. My Grenadiers went in next and wiped
out Adams platoon. I consolidated in the town feeling pretty happy at this

Adam: his plane turned up and killed an IG. The KVs pushed on down my flank
setting up for an assault on the Paks and Adam advanced against my infantry in
the open end preparing to assault. His shooting was largely ineffective. The
assault in the open went in and was bounced just (I had 6 dice hitting on 4 and
got 1 hit and 5 dice hitting on 5 and got 4 hits). Things were looking great J
Adam assaulted the Paks who were unpinned as well one round of Steilgrante hit
and destroyed a KV I failed my morale to counter attack so one gun died and the
other two withdrew becoming pinned. This was the only turn air turned up.

Turn four the counter attack
I pushed my infantry out of the town to attack Adams middle platoon. My infantry
in the open counter attacked. The small platoon near the packs moved up towards
the KV to Assault it. Artillery and the elephant pretty much did nothing. Well
the Pak 36 killed the KV with Steilgrante saving my infantry from assaulting.
That however is where my luck ended. The infantry in the open only killed one
team then died in the counter attack. My flame thrower failed to hit Adams
second platoon and CIC. With no pin the Pioneers and Grenadiers pulled back to
what cover they could find.

Adam started moving towards the Elephant and started blasting at my infantry in
the town not a lot happened

Turn five: consolidation
I reorganised my defences in the town and started pushing the Paks and
Kampfegrupe up the flank. Art and elephant did nothing

Adam assaulted the Elephant didn't kill it so I pulled back. Adams gun fire
caused the Grenadiers in the town to flee.

Turn six: last gasp
I pushed out of the town to try and push Adams centre platoon away with my
remaining Pioneers. My kampfegruppe and paks advanced on the flank. Artillery
and the elephant did nothing. The last flame thrower killed his CIC and a team.
The following assault killed another. Adams counter attack wiped out the
pioneers leaving my CIC in the town on his own.

Adam killed a pak with his mortars and killed my CIC with assault

Turn seven: trying to cut him up with what I had left
Artillery and the elephant did nothing my Kampfegruppe killed his mortars in

Adam pretty much sat around and did nothing

Turn eight: Repositioning my remnants
The Kampfegruppe moved up behind a hill to pressure an objective hopefully
forcing Adam to keep his most intact infantry platoon guarding it. The Elephant
started it approach from the other side. The remaining pak headed towards the
centre to start sniping his weakened platoon. No real affect from Artillery

Adam realised he could try to kill my small gun platoons and started pressing
towards them.

Turn nine: Victory at last
The pak killed an infantry stand in the open and the platoon commander killed on
in assault Art did pretty much nothing. Adam Passed his Morale test for his
platoon being reduced below half strength. He passed his test for being below
half strength at the end of the assault phase.

At the start of Adams turn the last stand in the platoon failed its sole
survivor test taking him his company below half strength and he automatically
broke having lost his company commander to a flamethrower earlier.

Wash Up
The mission is really interesting both players have everything on the table and
we found pressure ebbed and flowed all around the table.

I could have done with more grunts but there was really nothing to get rid of to
get them (IG and Paks maybe) but the Paks were my stand out performer. Adam on
the other hand had put Air in at the expense of his HMG platoon, I for one am
glad he did.

My Star performer was the Pak 36 platoon:
· Killed one 120mm mortar reducing his platoons effectiveness for the
rest of the game
· Killed two KV 1e
· Killed two infantry which ultimately won me the game when he failed
sole survivor.
Not bad for an 85 point platoon

Honorable mention to the countless grunts who brought me to the brink of victory
then bleed away.

The Elephant did not kill anything all game so in that regard was useless in
the metagame though it caused massive area denial which firstly stopped the KV's
getting amongst my grunts and ultimately caused them to die as Adam tried to
find something to kill with them.

4-3 to me

PostPosted: Sun Aug 05, 2012 5:59 pm 
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Cool battle, I'll bet he didn't think 425 points of KV's would go down like that. Better stay out of steilgranate range next time. :lol: Might have been a bit different if the HMG's were about. Sporadic air is questionable in my opinion, unless there is no answer to heavy armor in your force, but he did have the excellent Pak40's.

Well I don't know how much it favors the defender, if at all. Sure he gets his whole force on but he is getting well sandwiched. I like the mission because it it one of few that gives both forces their entire army from turn 1.

We had a game at PAGS last Monday that ended 6-1 in favor of the attacker so my worries have been allayed.

I might hav to post a bat rep or two in the future...

Grizzled long time player @
PAGS - Peel adventure gaming society


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