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This "Magic Trading Den" forum has been set up as a service for the WestGamer membership as a means to buy, sell and trade Magic: The Gathering cards on WestGamer.

This is a registered forum. Only registered users may read the board, post, reply, etc.

Please note that in addition to the general site rules outlined in the Board User's Code of Conduct, it is a condition of use that users of this forum adhere to the additional guidelines below.

The Most Important Rule!

The Magic Trading Den forum is a free service provided to the WestGamer membership. Use of this forum - as well as the rest of the website - is a privilege, not a right.

Be warned that while WestGamer provides this forum as a service to members, we are in no way responsible for any trade or purchase that you might make here. User beware. Ensure that those you trade with are respectable, honest people and ensure that you are yourself. Whilst we reserve the right to remove repeat offenders from the board as we see fit, do not contact us expecting a moderator or the admin to chase after any user you have had problems with or to resolve your bad trade issues. That is your responsibility and your responsibility alone.

Permitted Items

The Magic Trading Den is intended only for the buying, selling and trading of cards & gaming items related to the Magic: The Gathering collectable card game. Advertising of other non-Magic gaming items should be done in the main WestGamer Trading Post forum instead of this one. Any other items may not be advertised here. That also includes offering to trade non-gaming items for gaming items, i.e. 'I have an amp to trade for a Zendikar playset'. If in doubt whether an item is suitable, check with a mod or admin. In short, other items may not be advertised or traded on this forum.

Thread Format

There are 3 different types of threads that you will commonly use at the Trading Post:

WTS - Wanted to sell: You possess a card (or cards) & are looking for a buyer to take it off your hands.
WTB - Wanted to buy: You are looking for a particular card/s to purchase from someone.
WTT - Wanted to trade: You possess certain cards and are looking for a trade for other cards rather than a straight sale.

When making one of these posts - please use the following format:
"WTB/WTS/WTT - Item name/description"

For example: "WTS - 4 x Foil Sunpetal Grove (M10)"

Posting Conduct

If there is an active thread in the forum, all buyer/seller/trader interest must be posted in that thread. PMs (private messages) should only be required when exchanging personal details (bank accounts, addresses, etc). All posts to do with the transaction must stay in the public thread where all interested parties and moderators can see them. This policy is also in place to prevent any underhanded dealing in private where a seller tries to play off two or more buyers to try and get a better price, trade, or similar situation.

Stealing someone's trade is bad form. Don't try to sell or trade an item in someone else's thread unless requested by the thread owner. You wouldn't like it if someone did it to you, so don't do it. The reverse is also applicable - don't steal what someone else is trying to buy.

Auctions are not permitted in the Magic Trading Den. If you want to hold an auction please use an auction site such as eBay. Advertising off-site auctions on this forum is not allowed either.

Do not simply link to a sale or trade thread that you have in another place/forum. Post complete details of the item/items here so that people do not need to hunt around for the information.

Please note that businesses (and that includes "work from home" or "weekend" businesses) may not advertise in the Magic Trading Den forum. Contact the Admin instead and we'll see what we can do.

Tips & Advice

A Seller's initial post should include:

*Card Condition - This part is important, especially when selling cards. Make sure you are very clear in describing whether they are mint (M), near mint (NM), played or damaged. People like to know what they are trading or paying for. Remember that potential traders are likely to ask you these questions and more, so include as much information as you can in your initial post.

*Price - If you are selling cards then you MUST include prices in your initial post. Auctions are not allowed, therefore we also don't allow sellers to 'take offers'. Please do not include the phrase 'PM me with offers'... Only sell on this forum if you have a set price and seriously want to get rid of your card. If you want to fish for the 'best price ever' then perhaps eBay would be a better option.

*Card Edition - For reference, you should include the expansion set that the card comes from in your initial post. If you are unsure, just post a picture instead or just let the buyers know - that way they won't have to ask.

*Postage Costs - If you are sending items, then include information about postage in your initial post. You obviously can't always quote a dollar value but you should at least let the buyers know whether you are footing the bill for it, or if postage is included/extra.

*Payment Options - You should include the accepted forms of payment in your initial post. If you only accept Money Orders, say so. If you accept Direct Deposit and Paypal, say so. Again, this is for buyer awareness and to save you some bother down the track.

*Other Conditions - If you have any other conditions you must list them in your initial post. For example, if you don't like posting items interstate you must make this known in the initial sale post. This will save a lot of problems cropping up later. As another example, if you are selling multiple items but only want to sell them in one lot, let the buyers know.

*Holding Items - If you post in a seller's thread to say you are interested in something, don't expect them to hold it for ever. The more time the seller has their cards sitting 'in limbo' waiting for you to get back to them, the less chance they have of trading it to someone else. A day or so is a reasonable time to hold something so if you come back after a week offline because you've been on holidays, don't expect that stuff to still be on hold for you. The seller is under no obligation to hold any items for prolonged periods for anyone, regardless of what order they posted their interest in . Nor should they be expected to hold on to items for more than a day or so in any case.

*Update Regularly - If you have a lot of stuff up for grabs, it often helps to let people know what is still available and what is not. Either make a quick post (e.g. 'these cards are now gone') or go back into your original list and edit it.

Problems & Trading Issues

If, for whatever reason, you feel that a trade/sale is going wrong, try to keep it private. Use the PM (private message) feature of the site and/or email to try and get a hold of the person to sort things out. If you can't get hold of the person and have to resort to a post in the forum, keep it simple. Something like 'XXXX - please contact me'. Under no circumstances should you post anything accusatory like 'XXXX - WHERE IS MY STUFF YOU @#$%!'. If you have absolutely no luck in getting hold of the person then unfortunately you may have to count your losses and simply learn from the experience. A good rule of thumb when deciding to do business with someone is to search for any other threads they have made or transacted in and see if there is any feedback available.


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