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 Post subject: Heroes of the storm
PostPosted: Sat Nov 15, 2014 6:08 pm 
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Ok so I just learnt about heroes of the storm, blizzards take on league of legends.

I didn't even know this game existed but apparently alpha came out mid October.

And even weirder I somehow randomly gained alpha access to it.

I've been playing for a bit. I've always been keen to get into league of legends but kind of missed the boat on learning how to play. So this for me is pretty cool.

Anyone else aware of this games existence? Having never played league of legends I have no idea how the maps compare. The only one I've seen is the standard competitive map. Heroes of the storm seems to have a variety of maps that allow you to collect various items in various methods to unleash various big nasties on the enemy.

The game is pretty polished for an alpha and a lot of fun. It's basically league of legends but with characters from diablo, starcraft and Warcraft. It's worth checking out just to see diablo riding a horse as well!

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 Post subject: Re: Heroes of the storm
PostPosted: Sat Nov 15, 2014 6:57 pm 
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Had a crack at it a little while ago but got sucked back in to Hearthstone instead before it got a chance to grab hold.

For those of you who have played MOBAs, it's much the same bar a few small difference.

1) There are no items. Instead, when Heroes level in round, they can pick an upgrade that adds a small bonus. More and more of these upgrades get unlocked as you gain heroes levels out of game.

2) The maps have random quirks in the form of alternate objectives. For instance, the pirate map has you charging around smashing open chests for gold. First team to hit a certain amount, then return to the pirate captain gets a buff as the captain bombs the opposing teams fortifications with cannons.

3) Everyone gets mounts. You move slightly faster but can't use abilities. It is a little jarring to see Jim Raynor riding a horse though.

4) The whole thing is very tongue in cheek and if you've grown up with Blizzard canon, you're going to love it for the fan service or you're going to find it very jarring for the complete disregard of logic or reasonable explanation. There is a vague premise of a magical "Nexus" summoning Heroes from across the "multiverse" to do battle for unclarified reasons. But when Raynor asks if the Nexus is a Protoss Nexus, Uther's response is "Don't think about it too hard." That pretty much sums up the game's attitude to fluff in a nutshell.

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