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FLAMES OF WAR - Mid War Championship 03/12/2016 - WestGamer
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 23, 2016 1:13 pm 
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Hi all,

FLAMES OF WAR has been quiet on here for a while, but it is still going! Those that play it or have an army- I encourage you to join the West Australian Flames of War/Team Yankee Facebook group as there is lots going on there.

We (PAGS and PMGG) are holding a midwar event on the 3rd of December at PMGG. Details below. Those of you that have heard the call to arms previously (you know who you are) we want you to mobilize your armies for war! Because it would be good to catch up with you and have a battle. Those who have not been to previous events should come down too, our events are easy going and fun.

Hope to see some of you there!

WHERE and WHEN ● Saturday the 3rd of December 2016 ● This event is being hosted by the Perth Miniature Gamers Group at the Rhine-Donau Club 110 North Lake Road, Myaree WA 6154 ● The event will be held in the Sports Hall

COST and PAYMENT ● $20 for general public, $15 for PAGS, PMGG or Club Westgamer members. ● Ticket can be pay by bank transfer (Please email for bank details) or in person at PAGS ● The due date for List submission and payment will be the 3th November one month prior to the event.

● The Rhine-Donau Club will be open for business on this day so players will need to be dressed in smart casual clothing, and be aware they will not be able to bring externally purchased food and drink into the venue. The bar is likely to be open between 10am and 2pm. ● There are multiple lunch venues available in the area.
Contact Details ● If you have any questions about the content of this Player’s Pack or the Tournament in general, you can contact Daniel Etherington either by ● PM on Westgamer (Enigma), ● by email (danigma01@gmail.com) or ●● Players Army lists should also be submitted to the email address above.

● 3 Games over 1 day ● 1500 point Mid-War armies, chosen from NORTH AFRICA or EASTERN FRONT, or any of the eligible Version 3 approved intelligence briefings. Mid-War options from BURNING EMPIRES may also be used. Mid War monsters may be used. ● We are allowing a maximum of 2 hours 30 minutes per game. Time warnings will be given for 30 and 15 minute deadlines. If we can finish rounds faster we will. ● The tournament will run to a strict time schedule. After 15 minute call, players should not start another game turn unless it can obviously be completed in this time. If in doubt, do not play on. When the “time up” is called the attack is immediately called off. No further dice are to be rolled and the game counts as finished in the current state it is in.

8:00 - Registration
8:30 - 11:00 - First game
1100:- 12:00 - Break for Lunch + Army Parade
12:15 - 2:45 - Second Game
3:00 - 5:30 - Third Game
6:00 - Award Ceremony

● Game 1 -Surrounded
● Game 2 -Dust up
● Game 3 -Hasty Attack

AWARDS There are 4 awards to be won at this tournament. ● Best General Axis: Axis player with most wins followed by VP’s ● Best General Allies: Allied player with most wins followed by VP’s ● Into the Grinder: Player with lowest VP points overall ● Best Army: Player with the highest combined army score. *In the case of a need for a ringer/TO player, they will not be eligible to win awards.

WINNING THE TOURNAMENT AND SCORING A well-balanced tournament scoring system encourages gamers to have fun and explore all aspects of the hobby, from gaming and painting to a little historical research. PLAYING THE TOURNAMENT The tournament will be divided into two groups of axis and allies. For the first game of the tournament players will be randomly be assigned opponents from the opposite group. After this where possible players will be matched against players who are not from their own regular group of players/club and in Axis vs Allies match-ups.
GENERALSHIP The biggest single block of points is allocated for the player’s generalship, their performance as a tabletop general. Each game has seven Victory Points allocated between the players, with the winner scoring a maximum of 6 and the loser a minimum of 1.

SPORTSMANSHIP Perhaps the most important part of the scoring is the sporting play section. Giving points for good behaviour discourages the win-at-all-costs approach and helps make sure that everyone has a pleasant time. There’s no point in winning on the battlefield if you lose the tournament by being unpleasant to your opponents. A gamer is scored by the people they play against round by round. Round-by-round Scores Points are awarded by every player to their opponent after each game. The players can award their opponent 0, 2, or 3 points depending on the degree of sporting play they displayed. The system uses 0, 2 and 3 as the sporting play ratings because most players are good sports. By allowing a choice between 2 or 3 points for a sporting player, you allow their opponent to rate them as good or excellent. The rating of 0 is only for really unsporting players. Umpires should check all ratings of 0 assigned by players to make sure that they are genuine cases of unsporting play, and not deliberate attempts by an unsporting opponent to sabotage the player.

BEST ARMY A gamer is scored by both the umpire and the other players for the historical and modelling quality of their force. ● Force List 4 points ● Presentation 6 points ● Painting 5 points ● Player Votes 5 points

Force list You are awarded up to four points when you submit your force list as follows:
• Name: A player gets this point if their force list has the player’s name on it. It’s amazing how many players omit this essential piece of information!
• On Time: A player gets this point if they submitted a legal force list on time. This makes the organiser’s job so much easier.
• Formation and Battle Identified: A player gets this point by identifying division, brigade, or other formation it represents and the battle that it fought at. This does not need to be detailed. Simply stating that this force is from the 3rd Armoured -Division during Operation Cobra in July 1944 is enough to get this point.
• Platoons Identified: A player gets this point as a bonus if they provide more detail about the identity of their force, for example by identifying the company that they are fielding and the source of the supporting platoons, e.g. the Tank Company is George Company, 32nd Armoured Regiment, and the Armored Rifle Platoon is 1st Platoon, Charlie Company, 36th Armored Infantry Battalion, etc. This encourages players to submit a complete force list on time.

Presentation You are awarded up to six points during the dress parade when the judge inspects your forces as follows:
• Uniformly Painted: A player gets this point for having their force painted in a uniform style to a uniform standard. It doesn’t matter whether they are works of art or simply workman-like. What is important is that they look like they belong together.
• Strong Visual Theme: A player gets this point for going a step further with their force and giving them a strong visual theme. This could be something as simple as having them all camouflaged and based in the same style and all bearing the same style of markings. On the other hand, talented players could go to town on this.
• Markings on Vehicles: A player gets this point if all of their vehicles bear appropriate markings. This is about attractively presented models, not rivet-counting. It doesn’t matter if the markings are not perfectly historical, as long as they are generally appropriate. If there are no vehicles in the list the point may be awarded for unit markings on guns or in the case of a pure infantry force some form of extra identification.
• Objective markers: A player gets this point if their force has two objective markers that are about the size of a large base (artillery size). These should be easily differentiated from your actual units and look appropriate on the battlefield.
• Platoon Commanders Identifiable: A player gets this point if all of their platoon command teams are identifiable. This will not generally be a problem for infantry and gun platoons. Tank and transport platoons should have the platoon commander’s vehicle readily identifiable either through markings or through the way they are modelled (e.g. having different commanders for instance). Don’t forget that weapons and supporting platoons like anti-aircraft tanks and self-propelled guns need identifiable commanders too!
• Background: A player gets this bonus point for having an interesting historical background for their force. This allows other players to appreciate the historical role of the force. This encourages players to bring forces that look good and are easy for their opponent to identify.

During the Dress Parade the judge will score each force from 1 to 5 based on the standard and uniformity of painting and modelling displayed. 1 - Unpainted army. 2 - Poorly painted or just undercoated. 3 - Good basic painting, faces, hands, boots and guns! 4 - Well-painted force with added details, accurate colours and scenic basing! 5 - Every model is a masterpiece.
This encourages players to bring well-painted forces beyond that needed to simply play the game.

Popular Vote

In addition to the umpire’s assessment, players will score points from the votes of other players during the Army Parade. Player rank their three favourite armies. The votes are tallied and the top five players with the most votes score between 5 and 1 extra points.

INTO THE GRINDER Some players are going to have a rough day. Such is life on the frontline, some days its all about watching your men getting blown up while you try to hold one desperate position after the last, or are forced to charge headlong into the enemy guns. These brave generals can at least take solace that their sacrifices will be acknowledged with the “Into the Grinder” award.

Grizzled long time player @
PAGS - Peel adventure gaming society


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