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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2012 11:26 am 
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I agree on the lighting of the late day games, food was gd service was ok but these arent things the OTs can controll but what they find out when at a new venue...

As for the tourny, 6 skills was awsum hope you guys keep it for SG7, prize support great as useal, 7 games made for a hell of a tourny full on yes (plus being sick) real proved i have learnt alot about BB in the short time i have been playin with you all so thanx to all my opponents over the last few yrs (and i still learnt some things over the weekend)

I personal had 1 bad game start of day 2 (played on my own board which i have to think is my curse) it was very demorlising

Did alot betta the i though as i didnt have any big wins and had a huge lose and still managed 18th very happy

Huge congrates to Duro ur a top bloke and deserved to bring the trophy back to WA (now you can hang up the dwarfs =p)

And congrates to all other players was a great tourny see ya all next yr

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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2012 2:50 pm 
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I wish I could have hung around for the awards, but my whirlwind tour of Perth called me away.

No slight or insult intended to the organisers or winners by leaving!

Venue wasn't bad and had good (read healthier) meal options just around the corner which was appreciated. Also decent coffee available from cafe's was excellent.

Lighting was a shocker.... but then I guess with all venues in perth it seems to be an issue as they are not really designed for these style of events where tiny painted men are important.

I think the 7 games was awesome and was REALLY happy when I read it had been shifted to this. Of course not having family commitments etc. makes it easy for me to say this so I feel that will come down to six of one half a dozen of the other.

Draft after the day was tough, but I had no issue with it, but again, I had time as I had planned for it.

6 skills was the most interesting change for me. I am not entirely sure I liked it because while it made some teams viable, it made those that were viable with 4 even more brutal. In all honesty, I think I preferred the 4 method as it rewarded better skill selection and didn't allow for so much redundancy.

I think the skills available at the draft need to be reconsidered, or at lest the mix of them changed up a bit. Or maybe have packages and it runs through from bottom to top once. So there are 4 choices that are just that much better so the lower teams take them but there is still a chance they could be left for the next bracket up etc. Or just post the full standings at the end of day 1 and that tells you what you are allowed to assign. It seems cleaner. Given there was a scramble when I went up for me second skill I think I ended up picking it nearly 4 or 5 positions ahead as people were thinking and got a bomb skill that should not have been left.

I continue to be a fan of the bonus points system as it gives you a chance if you work REALLY hard to return from a loss, which I think is something that is important or people will get despondent when they lose if they are playing to be competitive.

The spot prizes were a great addition, but next year I think it should be a check list on the screen all day, and the first person to claim one gets the associated spot prize and it is crossed off the list. Rather than people being awarded as someone was watching their game when something insane happened. Or even a mini bingo card of 5 small feats to achieve in the course of the event for some prize. First person gets it.

All in all I was really glad I made the trip over.

The BRAWL team no how to throw an event and it showed again this year. Congrats guys.

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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2012 4:22 pm 
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Good to hear all the view's. I know that we will never get 100% satisfaction with everything, but we want to be as damn close as we can.

Keep them coming.

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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2012 5:56 pm 
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Well this was my first Sandgroper so I don't really have much to compare it with.

4 games in 1 day was a real stretch for me. During my 3rd game (with Duro) I hit a real wall.
I did seem to get a 2nd wind in the 4th game though (with Gregg).
I hung around for the draft so I could experience as much of the event as possible. I really should have gone home earlier for my family though.

I liked having 6 skills to chose from. It seemed to allow a lot of variety which I like and getting 2 extra skill only made this better (although I kept forgetting which 2 linemen got which skill :oops: ).

I struggled with the room light in the later games. I couldn't tell Steven's Slaan Blitzers from his Linemen.

I did like the Albion being a bit quieter than the Saint. It is a pain to get big stuff in and out of the Saint and being happily married means I'm not as interested in the eye candy as some :D .

Overall, I am impressed with the event and I couldn't be more thankful to the guys that put the show together. It is a fantastic tournament and I can see myself being a part of Sandgroper for a long time to come.

I'll do a report on my games when I can find a thread that I can add my stuff to (don't really want to start another thread just for my ramblings).

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PostPosted: Tue May 22, 2012 9:00 am 
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Enjoyed the six skills.

Venue and area was great, but lighting was bad. If having it there again ask if they have Hellion lamps just to make the room brighter.

I enjoyed the seven games


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PostPosted: Tue May 22, 2012 2:56 pm 
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Venue was fine.. Ive liked both venues. I dont mind that they are kinda pricey on food and drinks since its a holiday for me. Talent much better at the saint.. but im getting to old to mingle with that, so I was happy enough talent spotting from the balcony at the Albion, and scolding Virral for his eye for a good "lay buy".

The 4 games was draining but very necesary for the tournament. Draft did make the night drag on, would have been fine for those staying, but obviously it puts pressure on those that arent.

6 skills or 4 doesnt bother me.. Im happy with whatever.

Something needs to be done about the timing. I'd love to have a perfect solution. The issue is in part an inconsistancy of the deadline applications (with some running into meals, an others seemingly having hard deadlines). I think the games should be allocated 2 hrs and 15 minutes personally. And I know its seems over the top but I wouldnt have an issue with some sort of timers coming out at the half way mark if the second half hasnt started... and serious penalties for coaches that are taking the bulk of the time and negatively affecting the other coach. A timer on the screen does help.

It would be nice to utlise that screen more and have people have some idea how the most tds and most cas, overall standings with points are sitting round to round. Put them up for 5 minutes each at the start of the round. Then start the timer.

I think the bonus points affecting results so much is a mistake. In the same way I prefer strength of opponents as a tie breaker (because as a basic premise it rewards the guys slogging it out on the top tables over the guys that lose a few and then submarine through the weaker belly of the coaches), I dont believe Blood Bowl is a points scoring game. Its not a wargame with different determinants to how well someone won. Its a mock sporting event that should reward results pure and simple. It may surprise you to believe that as a past champ I was unaware that the points worked this way (Im sure it was in the coaches pack), even on the sunday there were many prominant coaches that believed it was simply for tiebreaking. I think the leaps of 3 or more in each category are a good bracket for points bonuses rather than just raw tds or cas net or otherwise. I thought the block cas and fouls cas was a little arbitrary. I get not having failed dodges or gfis etc... but maybe crowd surfs or secret weapon casualties could be added.

I have no issues with the finals setup.. other than perhaps its matching you with an opponent youve already played. up the top it matters so I have no issue with it.. but down south its hard enough to get up for a game deciding only 2 lowly positions.. its worse when youve already played that same person.

Loved the WA hobby work. Custom boards were schmick.

One thing with the prizes. It seemed a little arbitrary what order people got them. I may be wrong but last year I thought stunty cup was around 3rd or 4th pick.. and this year it was after the runners up and 3rd place etc. I think you should set up the criteria prior to the tournament (the order that prizes are picked) and put it in the coaches pack. I have no issue if say you bumped up Steve for winning 3 lower categories to give him and earlier pick if thats how it works out.. but it seemed a little random at the end.

The 1 FF is not clear. Its in the coaches pack but its not in any of the posts about the tournament. I think thats a little deceptive fyi. Im ok with it even though it frustrates the (censored) outta me.

Thats a but rambly.. I'll post more if I think of it.

It was a great tourney though guys.

Sandgroper Cup V Champion :)

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