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PostPosted: Tue Oct 13, 2015 3:56 pm 
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As some of you are aware any funds that I make running the Redneck this year will be donated to beyondblue. It won't be a huge amount, maybe a couple hundred bucks.

Now, I made some suggestions in the form a personal swear jar etc. These where suggestions and will not be forced upon the crowd. As the name suggests personal is for yourself, self imposed.

ALL donations will be voluntary ;) A few people though the Double Skulls and Swear Jar where for the whole great an idea that is...I would be broke by the end of it.

However just some clarification for the first round challenge donations......this is blood bowl....I am not above bribery ;)

I have been asked "What it would take for...." South v South and North v North match-ups are possible. Donations will be required....dirty low down rotten tactics will also be accepted here...last second donations.....the idea would be to come up with a little side wager as well....loser puts in $X at end of the game etc. Loser becomes the other "beer bitch" for the weekend. Hell it doesn't have to be on a win either....more CAS in the game? More Fouls? Be creative...have some fun ;)..or just make sure the donation is reasonable ($10 is HUGE for what we are doing here...50c is what I reckon the norm will be) and I reckon I could be convinced of just about anything.... ;)

Also....if you want to challenge someone for an easy start, but someone else has a challenge running, there is no reason you can't clear that challenge for them ;)

So for example you want to play Coach Z. Coach Z has already got a challenge in place for Coach E for $1. You can match that $1 challenge to remove it, than re challenge Coach Z for whatever you want to bid.......why not?? The money will go to a good cause....and most people forget about those kind of backstabbing events pretty quickly afterwards...a good 2-3 years I reckon.

The point is to have fun with it :) Be creative.

For all of you wombats out there....I won't know if I am playing till the last minute ;)

With donations through the day, profit made...I am HOPING we can put around $200-$300 towards them as a donation :) That is the goal....lets see how we go.

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