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 Post subject: X-Wing Daul Demo Game
PostPosted: Fri Dec 04, 2015 9:26 pm 
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Hey All,

Need to some advice, I'm very new to X-Wing and I have agreed to a Dual Demo game next week at Outpost6030.

The reason it's called a Daul demo is because neither player has played a game of X-Wing before.

To facilitate a fair game I'm seeking advice on producing two lists which are very similar in nature if not the same, so both of us can learn how to play. If we misread a special ability the other person will gain the same benefit to avoid any unbalance.

Paradox has kindly offered to supervise the game whilst we play.

As we're both learning the game I was thinking either 50pts or 100pts lists, suggestions on the size of game would also be much appreciated.

Below is a list of ships, cards etc I have available:

-Tie Fighters x7
- Tie Phantom x3
- Tie Interceptors x4
(2x are from the imperial ace box)
- Tie Advance x1
- Firespray-31 x2
- VT-49 decimator x2
- Lambda-Class Shuttle x1

- Boba Fett x2
- Kath Scarlet x2
- Krassis Trelix x2
- Bounty Hunter x2

- Darth Vader x1
- Maarek Stele x1
- Storm Sqaudron Pilot x1
- Tempest Sqaudron Pilot x1

- Whisper x3
- Echo x3
- Shadow Squadron Pilot x3
- Sigma Sqaudron Pilot x3

- Carnor Jax x1
- Kir Kanos x1
- Lieutenant Lorrir x1
- Tetran Cowall
- Soontir Fel x2
- Turr Phennir x2
- Fel Wrath x2
- Royal Guard x2
- Saber Squadron Pilot x2
- Saber Squadron Pilot x2
- Avenger Squadron Pilot x2
- Alpha Squadron Pilot x2

- Howl Runner x3
- Mauler Mithel x2
- Dark Curse x2
- Backstabber x3
- Winged Gundark x3
- Night Beast x2
- Black Squadron Pilot x7
- Obsidian Sqaudron Pilot x7
- Academy Pilot x7

- Rear Admiral Chiraneau x2
- Commander Kenkirk x2
- Captain Dicunn x2
- Patrol Leader x2

- Captain Kagi x1
- Colonel Jendon x1
- Captain Yorr x1
- Omicron Group Pilot

Pilot traits:
- Swarm Tactic x4
- Determination x4
- Squad Leader x1
- Marksmanship x1
- Expert Handling x1
- Veteran Instincts x2
- Expose x2
- Elusiveness x2
- Daredevil x1
- Ruthlessness x4
- Intimidation x2
- Push the Limit x2
- Opportunist x2

- Slave 1 x2
- Dauntless x2
- Royal Gaurd Tie x2
- ST-321 x1
- Stealth Device x4
- Stygium Particle Accelerator x3
- Advanced Cloaking Device x3
- Tactical Jammer x4
- Targeting Computer x2
- Hull Upgrade x2
- Shield Upgrade x2
- Anti-Pursuit Lasers x2

Weapon/Sensor Upgrades:
- Fire-Control System x2
- Heavy Laser Cannon x2
- Ion Cannon x2
- Assault Missiles x2
- Homing Missiles x2
- Concussion Missiles x1
- Cluster Missiles x1
- Proximity Mines x2
- Seismic Charges x2
- Proton Torpedoes x1
- Ion Torpedoes x4
- Proton Bombs x2
- Heavy Laser Cannon x1
- Advanced Sensors x1
- Sensor Jammer x1

- Tactician x3
- Recon Specialist x3
- Mercenary Copilot x2
- Gunner x2
- R2-F2 x1
- R2-D2 x1
- Fleet Officer x2
- Mara Jade x2
- Ysanne Isard x2
- Moff Jerjerrod x2
- Intelligence Agent x1
- Darth Vader x1
- Rebel Captive x1
- Weapon Engineer x1
- Navigator x1
- Flight Instructor x1

Plus the Force Awakens Core Starter Set, haven't opened it yet.

Thanks in advance :D

"Today we play the game of pain"

The malevolent Over-Master Zhudhak Ironbull, famed for riding into battle on Abyss's most fierce Abyssal Dragon - Cacus the fire breathing giant.

Outpost6030 I challenge you!!

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