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PostPosted: Tue Feb 10, 2015 6:52 am 
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Hey guys,

So I've settled on WoC for my return to Fantasy. I want to do either Mono-Khorne or Mono-Tzeentch, and these are the two lists I've worked up so far. Please note I tend to the fluffy end of the spectrum when it comes to list building, though I'm not a masochist and do enjoy the odd victory! Let me know what you think!

Chaos Lord - Juggernaut, Soul Feeder, Helm of Many Eyes, Dawnstone, Sword of Strife, MoK
Exalted BSB - Barded Steed, BSB, Charmed Shield, Talisman of Preservation, MoK

2x 5 Chaos Warhounds - Vanguard
1x Chariot - MoK
Warriors x18 - AHW, MoK, Musician, Standard
Warriors x18 - Shields, MoK, Musician, Standard

9x Chaos Knights - MoK, Musician, Standard, Ensorcelled Weaps

3x Skullcrushers - Ensorcelled Weaps

Sorcerer Lord - Disc, MoT, Level 4 (Metal), 4++, Third Eye, Familiar

BSB - MoT, Armour of Destiny, Third Eye, Shield, Barded Steed, Halberd, Soulfeeder

Warriors x20 - Shields, MoT, Musician, Standard, Banner of Eternal Flame
Warriors x20 - Shields, MoT, Musician, Standard
Chariot - MoT
Chariot - MoT
Warhounds x5 - Vanguard
Warhounds x5 - Vanguard

Chaos Knights x9 - MoT, Musician, Standard Bearer with the War Banner, Doom Knight, Ensorcelled Weapons
Chimera - Regeneration


PostPosted: Tue Feb 10, 2015 8:05 pm 

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I prefer the second list as it gives your more versatility with the level 4 which is a good build. My only advice give him a +1 str sword that way he can kill warmachines/chaff, the enchanted shield for a 2+/3++ and convert the tal to armour of destiny (as you want the tal on the BSB as he will be combat). Also cant have third eye on two characters.

Your BSB give the talisman of prot, third eye, barded steed, soul feeder, halberd (cant use shield with) and dragon bane helm. That way he has a 1+/3++ rerolling ones (unkillable BSB)

Warriors - why are you going shield as you have no need for a bunker. While they are good at surviving they will loose combats because of str 4. I would go nurgle with GW on both units and ram them down your opponents throat.

Chariots - go nurgle or khorne better value (nurgle chariots are amazing)

Chimera is good

Drop the knights and add skull crushers as they are that good.

The BSB in my opinion is a problem solver. Run him solo and tackle monsters, characters etc that your units cant.

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