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PostPosted: Sun Apr 06, 2014 9:47 pm 

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Just writing lists on battlescribe.
Play fantasy casually though keen to hear people's thoughts on the list.

Lords & heros

Dread lord
Sword of might
Armour of destiny
Iron curse icon
Sea dragon cloak
Pair of r. Hand bows

Supreme sorceress
Dark or death...?
Cloak of twilight
Sceptre of stability
Obsidian trinket

Scroll caddy lvl 1 proby dark magic.

Heavy armor with cloak.
Talisman of preservation
Enchanted shield
Pair of r. Hand bows


5 x dark riders
Muso, shields & r. Bows

5 x dark riders
As above

10 x dark shards

10 x dark shards

24 x dreadspears (bsb here)
Full command
Gleaming pennant (5 spare)


3 x bolt throwers

30 x executioners
Full command
Banner of swiftness

5 x cold one knights

5 x cold one knights


5 x warp locks

5 x warp locks

Looking ok?
Annoying fast cav
Tough characters
1 x tough infantry block & 1 ok one

Book of grudges:


Revenge shall be mine!

PostPosted: Mon Apr 07, 2014 10:37 am 

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If you are going to run your supreme sorceress that way you would be far better served using Morathi. You get the choice of shadow/dark/death every game or a combination of both. You cast on average at +6 or +7 using dark and for what it is worth, she is better in close combat too.

Your other characters are setup quite well for survivability although personally I would like the Dreadlord to be more killy. Something like Giant Blade, Enchanted Shield, Dawnstone, Potion of Fools would be good here. 5 S7 attacks will take alot of things down. If you do this, charmed shield and 4++ ward on the BSB would do just fine.

In a 2800 point game, having only one scary combat unit is not going to cut it. Witch Elves will serve you much better than dreadspears, something to consider.


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