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PostPosted: Sat Nov 09, 2013 4:40 pm 

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The Banner of the World Dragon should go on the White Lions. Phoenix Guard already have a 4+ ward which can be boosted to 3+ if you put a wizard who uses high magic in there.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 10, 2013 12:59 pm 

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would i better to add a full command to them?
want the reavers to flee from a charge
immediately rally
and shoot the next turn or charge if withing range
have them next to phoenix guard or white lions
and the archers i wouldnt swap the hawkeye out as he is bs 5
if i drop the spears i lose the BOWD
there is no where else i can put this
would it matter?
should i throw it on my phoenix guard or something
The only command model I would have on the reavers is the musician, to help with the rallying as you want. Realistically, reavers are your chaff and redirecting units. Unless you are absolutely tabling your opponent, they are unlikely to survive the battle, and therefore things like banners, champions etc is just giving away victory points. Even giving them bows may be a bit of a waste, although at 3000 points why not I suppose.

As for the hawkeye, do you really want to pay 10 points for an extra point of BS, on a strength 3 long bow shot? I'd rather buy another archer, and have another shot, and another wound the enemy has to knock off to kill the unit. The only other justification for having it would be to challenge out something nasty that comes up against the unit, and buy yourself a turn by hopefully remaining steadfast when the hawkeye is inevitably reduced to red mush...pretty situational.

Definitely put the banner of the world dragon in the whitelions - spears are easy enough to kill with normal missile fire, in combat etc, that your opponent doesnt really 'have' to throw spells and magic attacks at them to get rid of them. However, if he wants to kill your white lions he now has to either shoot at them (with a 3+ save), fight them in combat (and cop WS5, S6, Stubborn to the face) or magic (which you have now provided a 2+ ward for). The only other thing is that it is good to have your mage in the unit with the BOTWD, as the ward save applies to the damage effects of the miscast - which gives you a lot of comfort if you want to throw 6 dice spells around.

If you want to stay with a mainly infantry list, I think you've got a good basis here. The other thing you could think about is replacing one or both of the core infantry blocks with Silver Helms - being able to fight in 3 ranks for cavalry, and with high WS and S on the charge, plus always strikes first and a 2+ save, means you have some pretty lethal 'darts' you can throw at lone monsters, characters or small units that expose them selves, and you can disrupt your opponents lines a fair bit as they advance, giving more time for your bolt throwers, archers and magic to go to work.

Would be happy to organise a game sometime...good luck with the continual evolution...

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