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Are you a Barbarian? - WestGamer
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 Post subject: Are you a Barbarian?
PostPosted: Fri Dec 02, 2016 9:19 am 
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In March next year will be the biennial ausbowl state championships held in Melbourne. This is a team competition pitching teams from most states and nz against each other. Because not every state can field a team a Barbarians team has been a regular component for the last 3 editions. WA already had a representative team organised, but an opportunity exists for people to join the barbarians team if they wish to be a part of the fun such a big tournament offers. Please let me know if you want anymore details or would like to be a part of the barbarians team.

If you are less competitive about it all but would still like to be around the fun, you could participate in the Vic open which is the side competition, but less tense than the ausbowl itself. Once again let me know if you want more details.

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 Post subject: Re: Are you a Barbarian?
PostPosted: Sun Dec 04, 2016 8:49 am 

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Burger Buzz
1F, 333 Sydney Road, Brunswick (see end of document for maps/public transport options)
Licensed premises with a first floor function area that we will have to ourselves for the two days.
Beer garden downstairs to help relax after a run of skulls!

A deal has been made with the owners depending on how much we spend over the weekend - so
feel free to drink and eat at the venue as much as possible!
AusBowl State Championships IV Game Schedule

01/12/2016 Version 1.03
Day 1 – Saturday
Registration 8.45am
Round 1 - commences 9.00am concludes 11.15am
Round 2 - commences 11.30am concludes 2.15pm (includes lunch)
Round 3 - commences 2.30pm concludes 4.45pm
Round 4 - commences 5.00pm concludes 7.15pm
Day 2 – Sunday
Round 5 - commences 9.00am concludes 11.15am
Round 6 - commences 11.30am concludes 2.15pm (includes lunch)
Round 7 - commences 2.30pm concludes 4.45pm
Awards 5.00pm

Timing for games, especially on Day 1, will be tight, however manageable, given a steady rate of
play. Games still in the first half with one hour to go will be given Chess Clocks. A warning of “15
minutes remaining” will be given after two hours of play.

Composition of Representative Teams
Each representative "team" consists of six coaches, each coaching one Blood Bowl team built using
the rules described in this pack. There may be no duplicate races within the Representative Team
(for example, there may not be two coaches of one representative team using an Orc Blood Bowl
team). Each coach must retain the same team throughout the competition. Unless under emergency
circumstances, the representative team must consist of the same six coaches for each round.
Teams are required to have a Team Captain who has various responsibilities, including submitting

Team Rosters
Joekano has run the most tournaments in Victoria over my time as a tournament Blood Bowl coach.
Although Victoria doesn’t have a “major” such as Sandgroper, Southern Shrike or Eucbowl, Joe’s
favourite format has shown up in a couple of different tournaments over the years. As a tribute to
his work, we have adopted his format for Ausbowl State Championships IV.

01/12/2016 Version 1.04
Each coach on the team must also create their roster using the following rules:
Only official teams in the Competition Rules Pack + Slann, Chaos Pact and Underworld are allowed.
 Players and skills are purchased from 1,250,000 gold.
 Teams must start with at least 11 players (star players count)
 You may purchase up to 2 Normal Skills at 20,000 GP each or 1 Double Skill at 30,000 GP per
 A single Star Player can be purchased per team with the exception of Stunty teams (goblins,
ogres, halflings and lizards without saurus) may purchase two Star Players. Star player
miniatures must be a reasonable approximation if the character described and must be
painted to be used. You may not purchase extra skills for Star Players.
 You may purchase any of the inducements, including cards using your starting money so
long as you have 11 Players on your roster.

Important: please ensure all players are clearly numbered so your opponent can easily identify
which players have which skills.
This is a resurrection tournament and you commence each game with the same roster. No Star
Player Points or injuries are required to be recorded. Roster changes after roster submission is not

Team rosters are to be submitted to the Organisers prior to the event. The Deadline for roster
submission is the Monday prior to the event.
All rosters will be simultaneously published on the Friday prior to the event so that teams are able to

Each round two Representative Teams will be drawn against each other in a Match. Pairings will be
determined by individual player rankings within a team with #1 ranked to play #1 ranked etc. The
first round pairings will be random.
The Draw will be confirmed prior to the event once we have confirmation on the number of teams

Each round the Representative team that scores the most wins in a Match wins the Match and earns
two competition points. In the event of a drawn Match each Team receives one point.
For individual scoring purposes a won game is worth 3 individual points with a draw being worth one

At the end of the Tournament the Representative Team that has the most competition points is
declared Champion. In the event of a tie, tie breakers are as follows;
1. Head to Head
2. Total individual points
3. Joint Champions

01/12/2016 Version 1.05
Prizes are awarded for:
AusBowl State of Championship Winning Team- perpetual trophy donated by New South Wales.
Best Painted Individual Team- as voted for by all players attending the event. Perpetual trophy
donated by South Australia.
Wooden Spoon Last Placed team- perpetual trophy donated by Western Australia.
Top Individual ASCIV Coach (MVP) with the most individual points - perpetual trophy donated by
Victoria and in particular Jonno.
Miscellaneous Clarifications

Miniatures: Appropriate painted and based miniatures should be used. Coaches will not be allowed
to field unpainted or undercoated (only) figures. There is an award for best painted. Players are
allowed to use minis from Games Workshop or any other range, but the figures must clearly be of
the same race as the team. The importance here is that other coaches can easily recognise what
type of player the other team is fielding and that they are obviously of the race/type being played.
Miniatures must be clearly numbered to correspond with team roster sheets. As part of this, all
players must be uniquely (and obviously) numbered to correspond with team roster sheets – no
number, no run-on! The only exception to the numbering rule is for Star Players – we all know who
they are!

Blood Bowl Rules The latest rules from the Competition Rule Pack will be used. The latest CRP is
available for free from www.bloodbowl.com. There will be one alteration to the rules, being that if
two coaches have hired the same Star Player, they will both be able to field the Star Player.
As noted above this is subject to change depending on the Games Workshop rules and NAF

Rule Interpretation
Step 1 - Read the rules.
Step 2 - Ask other (nearby) Coaches. Generally we find them to be a friendly, helpful and
knowledgeable bunch, who are only too willing to tell you where to go and what to do when you get
Step 3 - Roll a dice. This is the best way to resolve a dispute when you can’t find or agree to an
Step 4 - Ask a Commissioner to provide a definitive ruling. Right or wrong, that is the final answer.
Commissioners are all-powerful and always correct within the confines of the competition, even
when their answer was not what you wanted to hear or contradicts all logic and the written word.
No further discussion will be entered into once a Commissioner gives a ruling.
Illegal procedures To be used only if both coaches agree at the commencement of the match.
A Word of Advice on Words of Advice The game should be played between you and your opponent
– no help from team mates, friends, family, or other onlookers is permitted. It is, however, always
good to discuss the game afterwards with your opponent, you may learn something!

01/12/2016 Version 1.06
Taking Moves Back If a coach has moved a player, & then starts moving another player, the first
player cannot have his move taken back. This is also true of rolling dice. Once you have rolled a die it
“cements” that player’s movement.
“Cocked Dice” All cocked dice are to be rerolled, no exceptions. Cocked dice include those that do
not finish up on the game table, or are “even a little bit” off lying flat on the table.

That guy already moved! In tournament play, the convention is that a player’s facing will change
once it has completed a move – hence you should be able to look and see everyone who has moved
at any point. This convention is to be followed – if you are not sure how it works then ask your ohso-
friendly Commissioner!

Attendance Any coach who does not attend a scheduled match at the scheduled time (plus up to
half-an-hour at the Commissioner’s discretion) will be treated as conceding the match, with effects
as per the CRP. The game will be recorded as a 2 TD, 2 CAS victory!

The Vic Open - Melbourne
Blood Bowl Tournament

Date: Saturday & Sunday, 25th and 26th March 2017.

Venue: 1F, 333 Sydney Road, Brunswick
The Vic Open is the sister tournament to ASCIV and runs in parallel. The game schedule and the
roster format will be the same for the Vic Open as it is for the ASCIV. Team based rules do not apply.
The Vic Open Champion will be determined by the highest individual game score (3 points for a
game win, one for a draw) with tiebreaker being Strength of Schedule.

Entry fee will be $20 for the weekend.

Contact Details
For any enquiries on this Player’s Pack or the tournaments PM Dazedmw on Ausbowl or email at “his
Ausbowl Username”@gmail.com with questions or enquiries.

01/12/2016 Version 1.08
Location in relation to CBD and Airport
Transport from Airport to venue
Taxi from Airport – approx. $45 dollars
Transport from Airport to Melbourne CBD
Skybus Airport – $19 one way
Taxi from Airport to CBD – approx. $55 dollars
Public Transport from CBD to Venue
Train – Brunswick Station on the Upfield line is circa 20 mins from the City Loop stations (Flinders St,
Melbourne Central, Southern Cross). Brunswick Station is 5 mins walk from the venue
Tram - # 19 Tram runs from Flinders Street in the CBD down Sydney Road Brunswick and passes the

Please note to use Public Transport in Melbourne requires a Myki card. These can be purchased as
Visitors Packs with details at the link below;

http://www.onlymelbourne.com.au/visitor ... DVy5vl94VA

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