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Tryranids in Kings of War - WestGamer
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 08, 2015 10:39 am 

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I really like Tyranids. They were my first ever army and its been a fair while since I have enjoyed playing 40k so they have seen very little table time over the last few years. Yesterday I got thinking that since they are a mainly close combat army, and unit composition doesn’t matter too much in kings of war then they might port over reasonably well.

The main challenge will be limited melee infantry options. Since Tyranids basically have termagaunts (with a couple of gun options), genestealers, and hormagaunts as their only infantry options. Of these only two are melee troops. I was thinking that basing a combined unit of hormagaunts with a single venomthrope might work quite well as a spear unit (the lash wips and spore cloud of the venomthrope being represented by spears......this could also work well as a melee unit with ensnare).

The hormagaunts are an interesting challenge stat wise. In 40k they are really rather weak, but this is in relation to terminator armoured super-humans who can head-but a laser guided anti-tank missile and come out on top.......when placed next to a fantasy model a hormogaunt looks like a moderately armoured nightmare killing machine! As such they could probably represent anything from a basic shieldwall trooper to an orc depending on how we want to interpret the chitin armour, and how we want to translate the feel of the swarm or the feel of the individual models.

The Tyranids have large infantry covered well with Tyranid warriors, hive guard, and tyrant guard. A sweet looking ogre army could be made of of these alone!......but I have always prefered a good swarm.

Melee and missile cavalry can probably be taken care of with raveners.

Monsters......more than all of kings of war combined lol

So onto some of the ideas I have come up with on list composition/proxies. Any feedback or additional ideas on this would be excellent:

Idea 1 - The Herd (The Swarm?):

Hormagaunts – Tribal warriors, beserkers, longhorns – basically pick one unit type for the army based on how I feel a hormagaunt should feel and stick with it.

Hormagaunts + venomthrope – Tribal spearmen

Termagaunts – Tribal hunters – flesh borers for thrown weapons, devourers for bows.

Gargoyles – Harpies

Tyranid warriors – guardian brutes

Tyrant guard – lycans

Raveners – Centaurs of assorted types, devourers for bows, claws and talons for melee

Tyranid warriors with wings – giant eagles

Carnifex brood – Stampede

Carnifex – brutox

Crone – chimera

Mucosite spore – great battle totem

Hive tyrant – Shaman on sacred beast

Trygon alpha (or other large monster to taste) – the avatar

Overall the herd seems to fit a Tyranid list well on a unit by unit basis. My concern is that with the basic warriors costing 150 points per regiment it wont end up as much of a swarm. On the flip side, not much is too expensive so a 10-12 unit army would still be realistic.

Idea 2 – Ratkin

Hormagaunts – warriors, blight impaler’s. Add a venomthrope for spears.

Genesealers – shock troops, blight

Termagaunts – scurriers

Hive guard – clawshots

Tyranid warriors – brutes, brute boomers depending on weaponry

Pyrovore/biovore – weapons team, cannon, artillery

Carnifex – rat-fiend, doomwheel, cannon depending on weaponry.

Hive tyrant – walock on death engine (tyrant with dual ranged weapons)

Large monster – daemonspawn

Another pretty good fit on a unit by unit basis. The concern I have hear is that I only have two melee infantry unit types to play with (one heavily outnumbering the other) and Im not sure basic warriors are capable enough to form the main fighting force. If I go with a mix of blight and shock troops for my hormagaunts and genestealers then they list faces the expensive basic infantry problem like the herd.

Idea 3 – Abyssal's

Hormagaunts – lower abyssals, add a venomthrope to make them succubi?

Genestealers – armoured abyssals or succubi

Termagaunts – flame bearers

Gargoyles – gargoyles

Tyranid warriors – molochs

Warriors with wings – tortured souls

Raverners – abyssal horsemen

Carnifex with twin devourers – chroneas

Hive tyrant – abyssal fiend

Tyranocyte – well of souls

That seems to work pretty well over all.......only problem is that I already have a daemon army!

Idea 4 – Forces of nature
Hormagaunts – niads

genestealers – salamanders with CS2

Termagaunts – niad harpooners

Warriors – sea serpent riders

Warriors with wings – air elementals

Raveners – centaurs

Carnifex – beast of nature without wings, hydra

Crone – beast of nature with wings

Broodlord – salamander veteran

Hive tyrant – tree herder

Seems pretty good unit for unit. Im not sure I like niads as gaunts, the regen captures the endless tide feel, but they only have a basic number of attacks. It faces the same problem as the herd and potentially the rats with expensive base troop cost. However the 'elite units' in nature tend to be fairly cheap so they balance out somewhat.

I wanted to keep away from any elementals due to how slow they are (bar air elementals, nimble and a 20” charge allows them in). This is a bit of a shame since it writes off a reasonable chunk of the list. I guess tyrant guard could make for reasonable earth elementals.


Those are the best options I could come up with excluding allies. I think the following are out of bounds regardless: elves (too elite, too expensive), dwarfs (too slow, too armoured), goblins (too cowardly).

Once we start including allies then races without large infantry become a real option with allied ogres. At this point kingdoms or men, and Basilaians (conceptually weird, but the unit stats work quite well!) become possible proxies as well.

So what do you all think to the idea of Tyranids in a fantasy setting? Is it a step too far, is a cool idea with a strong visual theme, would you enjoy playing against it?

Thanks for your thoughts.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 08, 2015 11:05 am 
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Wouldn't bother me tbh. I'm in KoW for modelling up my own stuff, not fussed about what you do with your army.

That said, if you were to do this I think having a piece of paper or something attached to the units base saying what they represent would be a good idea. Make it easy for your opponent to identify stuff at a glance.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 08, 2015 11:38 am 
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Tyranids would look sweet in kow. The herd or ogres is really where I'd tip them sitting best.

As to Rez's comment - yeah for a full army it's definitely worth some thought.

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 08, 2015 12:20 pm 

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I think that their best fit looks wise (not sure about list wise) would be Reptilians, which will be coming out in the 64p book oldone linked us to on another thread earlier today. As long as they don't have futuristic guns which would look very odd. I can't see them fitting Ogres or Basileans at all, just too different. These are essentially Humanoid races (more human than anything else) so that would be a bit of a stretch. Of course in friendly games it is really between you and the other player as to what is an acceptable proxy; some will take a very liberal view others less so.

In tournament games the closer the minis look to the what they are intended to look like the better. Otherwise this may cause confusion and affect the opponent's play. Ultimately the TO should set guidelines as to what is an acceptable proxy well in advance of any tournament to avoid any disappointments.

We've learnt from history that we don't learn from history.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 08, 2015 12:50 pm 
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Personally I am 100% fine with them as what ever. But I would be worried Booth about being rejected at an event for being just so wildly different to what they are supposed to represent. The thing with you though is you have so many other armies that you can take to events that you'd always have back up anyway, so I say go for it! :)

PostPosted: Sat Aug 08, 2015 3:41 pm 
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I think they could potentially work as The Herd, I think they or potentially Reptilia would be best . The other races don't really fit through the IP. I think a ranked up army of warriors, hormagaunts and genestealers with combat monsters/gribblies would look great. I think that the bio weapons push it a little over the edge though which would leave significant holes in the unit entries you are able to fill.

Not to sure how many events would allow something like this as its still a bit long-shot even if they are marked and consistent, but knock yourself out otherwise I wouldn't have a problem at all with it in a campaign, league or normal game. Being able to pick and choose from 5 or 6 different armies would make it quite confusing as well.

However I won't lie, and would say something like that would look fantastic on the table. :)

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